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Welcome back to Hot Community Reviews, this week we are doing Centreville! This series is a tool you can use to make sense of the difference between the many cities in the DMV. 

Centreville is a pretty big suburban area out further West near the IAD airport which attracts a lot of young people and families. As with most of NOVA, there’s a lot to do out there giving the city its own small-city feel, and though many people commute into DC, Centreville also hosts its own array of attractions and businesses. 

Centreville is large as far as cities outside of DC go, with the population sitting at a little over 74 thousand people. 31% of the population is 35-54 years old and the next largest group is 5-17 year olds at almost 18 percent so we can see that the area attracts a lot of families and younger professionals. 

58% of Centreville adults are college graduated, so while still pretty heavy educated, Centreville doesn’t skew as college-oriented as other cities in Northern Virginia, indicating more of an emphasis on other professional fields and not simply tech industry as with the numbers in other places in the area. 21% of jobs in Centreville are in the professional, scientific, and technical services, but not terribly far behind we have retail, healthcare, and education up next sitting at 10 % of jobs. 

The median household income is $118,158, and per capita is $47,009 with 5% of people living below poverty level. These numbers are a bit lower compared to previous NOVA cities we have focused on in this series, but Centreville still sees a good amount of money and successful business industries. 

The race diversity sits at 45% of the population white, 7% African American, almost 29% Asian, and 14% Hispanic. Besides English, the top spoken language is Korean at 11.5%, and Spanish falling in third at 11%.

Always important to look at education when weighing a neighborhoods potential value, especially if you intend on raising children there. Centreville is ranked #20 out of 320 high schools in terms of college prep. On a list of best STEM schools in VA, Centreville scores #28 out of 231. On a scale of diversity, #29 of 332 schools. 

The average graduation of Centreville schools is 90%. Average SAT score is 1260, ACT score 29, and 37% of students enroll in AP courses. Some popular colleges attended by Centreville graduates include George Mason, UVA, and Virginia Tech. 

All statistics in mind, Centreville schooling has little to complain about in terms of preparings students for further education. 

As with most cities around here, there are luckily many activities to do for everyone, whether you enjoy nature, food and dining, or physical activity!

Here is a list of top things to do and see in Centreville:

Cox Farms
Bull Run Regional Park
The Winery at Bull Run
Ellanor Lawrence Park
Chua Van Hanh
Atlantis Waterpark
Stuart Mosby Civil War Cavalry Museum
Spa World
Starlight Cinemas
Traveling Spoon (where you can take cooking classes)
Darn Good Music Festival

Once COVID slows, there will be no shortage of fun things to do in this area for any type of weather or mood. 

On the other hand, there are also plenty of nice dining spots for food and drinks. Here is a list of top-rated restaurants in the area:

Ciao Osteria
Sweetwater Tavern
Ciro’s New York Pizza
Matsu Japanese Restaurant
Iron Age BBQ
My Thai Place
Food Corner Kabob House
Manna BIstro

If you like to try new cuisines and explore local dining, Centreville could be a promising place for you!

Because this area has so many people nearby and easy access via the highways, there are naturally several shopping centers to explore:

Centreville Square Shopping Center
Centreville Crest Shopping Center
Newgate Shopping Center
Centreville Plaza
Sully Station Shopping Centre

And honestly many more! No shortage of shopping in this area!

Real Estate Market

Last but very much not least, lets talk about the real estate market in Centreville. If you are here, you are probably at least a little interested in real estate, so lets go over what it looks like in this neighborhood. 

Some quick facts:

The median home value is $485,000
Home value is up 15.5% from this time last year
This March saw 103 homes sell, up from 101 last March.
Homes spend an average of 7 days on the market! Extremely high competition 

Centreville is a bit cheaper than cities closer to DC, which is a good and bad thing. Good because it’s more affordable and thus more people can stand to live here, but bad because the market is extremely competitive with house sales closing in one week! That means to buy a house you have to move quick and be committed, and it also means if you want to sell a house in this area you are in luck and it will likely happen quicker and for more money than you asked. 

If you are interested in checking out some real estate in this area, please reach out!