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Welcome back to Hot Community Reviews, this week we are doing Springfield! This series is a tool you can use to make sense of the difference between the many cities in the DMV. 
Springfield is a fairly large city with a population of just over 31 thousand inhabitants. As with most suburban cities surrounding DC, families and young professionals flock here for its proximity to the city but cheaper real estate prices, and a wide variety of activities. Let’s get into the specifics.


Springfield is home to 31,117 people, which is a fairly large amount for the area. The average age is 39, making this a pretty young town to live in. Springfield is home to many families as well as young professionals. It’s a good starter town for people launching careers and families.
42% of  Springfield adults are college graduates. This is a much lower figure than many neighboring counties in the area, so while the rates are still relatively high compared to the rest of the country, they are low compared to NOVA cities. This indicates an emphasis on other professional fields, not just the same tech industry-workers and business employees like many other NOVA cities. People spend an average of 30 minutes commuting to work in this area. 
The median household income is $101814, and per capita is $39,584 with 7.1% of people living below poverty level. These numbers are a bit lower compared to other NOVA cities, and we can also see this in the cost of living so it evens out. 
The race diversity sits at 55% of the population white,11% African American, almost 22% Asian, and 23% Hispanic. 41% of the population is foreign-born, and there are 1993 veterans residing here. 


If you intend on raising children in your new home, it’s crucial to know how the schools in the area are and how your children will be educated. Luckily, Virginia is known for a strong public school system, and Springfield is no exception. Springfield is part of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), which is one of the top public school systems in the state. 

FCPS is extremely high rated, scoring an A for overall grade from popular public school rating site College Prep and sports come in the highest at an A+, and Fairfax also scores an A for diversity, A- for teachers, academics, and clubs. 

FCPS has 187,797 students and the student-teacher ratio is 14-1. 85% of students score proficient or higher in math and 81% in reading. 
If you are moving to Springfield, you are guaranteed a good education for your children. 

Springfield is starting to get out of the city and into the beautiful nature of Virginia, so there’s lots of cool sights to see around here!
Here is a list of top things to do and see in Springfield:
Hidden Pond Nature Center
Go Ape! Zip Line & Treetop Adventure
Lucky Duck Miniature Golf Course
Shadowland Laser Adventure Center
Flight Fit N Fun
There are activities for any hobby and any mood in this area. Pick a spot off the list and try something new this weekend!
On the other hand, there are also plenty of nice dining spots for food and drinks. Here is a list of top-rated restaurants in the area:
Afghan Bistro
Mike’s American Grill
Eleni’s Greek Taverna
El Paso Mexican
Malek’s Pizza Palace
Yard House
Delia’s Pizzeria
Maggiano’s Little Italy
Della J’s Delectables
Bob & Edith’s Diner
These are just a few of the top rated restaurants in Springfield, but there are many hundreds to choose from so time to get eating!


Shopping in Northern Virginia has never and will never be an issue. Here are a few shopping centers in Springfield:
Springfield Town Center
Springfield Commons
Springfield Mall
Springfield Farmers Market

And whatever you can’t find here, you can find in one of the towns just a few miles away like Tyson’s, Arlington, or Fairfax. You will always have more than enough options for shopping if you are in this part of the country. 

Real Estate Market

Last but very much not least, lets talk about the real estate market in Centreville. If you are here, you are probably at least a little interested in real estate, so lets go over what it looks like in this neighborhood. 
Some quick facts:
The median home value is $613,000
Home value is up 15.6% from this time last year
This March saw 128 homes sell, up from 87 last March.
Homes spend an average of 5 days on the market! Extremely high competition, especially compared to 20 days this time last year.
Springfield is gaining popularity quickly, as you can see from the statistics. As DC continues to grow, the suburbs surrounding do as well, and value in this area will only continue to rise. Right now is truly a seller’s market, homes are getting snatched off the market and everything is extremely competitive. 
If you are interested in checking out some real estate in this area, please reach out!