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This is the kickoff of a new series about our local communities. Whether you are thinking about relocating to the Northern Virginia/DC area, or you already live around here, you are likely aware that there are many sub-cities and it can be tricky to parse through them and get to know each location in the area. DC attracts many large companies, so NOVA is a popular location to live to commute into the city without paying the extremely high rental rates of a city. 

Because there are so many large sub-sections within NOVA, we are starting this series to help you get to know a little bit about each one, one at a time! 

This week, let’s discuss Vienna! A very popular location due to its proximity to Tyson’s Corner, good schooling systems, and relatively easy accessibility, there is plenty going on here and lots of ground to cover so let’s get started.

Vienna has a population of 16,485 people and that figure is growing as the city expands. The largest age group in Vienna is 35-54 year olds, sitting at almost 30% of people in the city. Almost 70% of adults are college graduates which reflects the nature of highly-educated individuals. Per capita average income sits at $68,177 which is more than double the average in the USA. The largest employment industries in Vienna are scientific and technical services, followed by public service, education, and healthcare. 

If you are considering the area and you have a family, schooling is an important factor to take into consideration. Luckily, Vienna ranks pretty high in terms of public education. 

Vienna has 24 schools, 16 of them public and 8 private. There are 13 students per teacher in this district. 

Of public school systems in Virginia, FCPS which is where Vienna falls under, ranked 6th in the state. Parents and students are generally happy with the education they receive in these schools. So, if schooling is a factor you are weighing heavily when it comes to relocation to Vienna, this section scores a high grade. 

This is another area where Vienna scores highly. There is plenty of fun to be had in the area for a broad range of interests. Whether you enjoy hiking, arts and crafts, sports, dining, bar hopping, or anything else, there is something to do for you here in this county. 

Vienna is in close proximity with many hikes and trails where you can get some exercise while catching some breath-taking views. Here is a list of trails within twenty minutes from Vienna:

Foxstone Park
Wildwood Park
Meadowlark Connector Trail
Scott’s Run Nature Preserve
Sally Ormsby Park

These trails range in difficulty but there is something for everyone here and lots of beautiful woods to explore. If hiking isn’t your jam, there are also plenty of gyms and sports clubs and teams you could join for exercise. There is no shortage of ways to stay active in this area. 

On the other hand, there are also plenty of nice dining spots for food and drinks. Here is a list of top-rated restaurants in the area:

Caboose Brewing Company
Kizuna Sushi and Ramen
Maple Ave Restaurant
Pazzo Pomodoro
Cafe Renaissance
Patsy’s American
Vienna Inn

A cool thing about dining in this area is that there is plenty of cuisines and options to choose from. Vienna is very diverse in terms of food choices, and we see that reflected in the restaurants as you drive by Maple Avenue. 

Now if shopping is high on your list of criteria, oh do we have news for you! Tyson’s Corner Mall is only 2.5 miles from Vienna, and this is a spot notorious for good shopping and tasty restaurants. I would venture to say Tyson’s Corner is the best mall in the DMV, but you can make your own judgments about that. 

There is also the Mosaic area which has nice stores and restaurants. Vienna has plenty of standalone shops as well, easy to see just from driving around the area. That is one cool thing about the area, everything is very accessible, you don’t need to drive far to find whatever you are looking for, and even just driving around will bring you to places you want to check out. 

Real Estate Market
If you are reading this blog, you are likely interested in real estate so lets talk a little about how the market looks in Vienna. 

Some quick facts:

The median home price is a little over $800,000
There are 5,470 homes and apartments
Appreciation has gone up 167% since 2000 
Average market rent is $3000 monthly 
BUT only 15% of people are renters, while 84% are homeowners
82% of properties are single-family homes
3-5 bedroom houses are way more common than 1 or 2 bedroom homes

Northern Virginia is not known for being cheap, and Vienna is no exception, however you are paying for the value you are receiving. The houses in this area are nice and with the proximity to academic excellence, good shopping, and lots of entertainment venues, you are getting a bang for your buck. If you need any help with your real estate choices, feel free to reach out to us.